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Past performance is never a guarantee of future results.

The share market is at all time highs. If I was not invested in shares (I’m not) I would not be buying in now.

Dow Jones (10 years)

Risks include protests caused by inequality, company executives overpaying themselves, dilution of shareholders via splitting etc. 

Although shares have returned on average 10% pa for the last decade, the risk/reward ratio is not high enough to get me excited.

While Bitcoin has been a great store of value for the past 8 years, nobody knows if history will repeat itself over the next few decades. Bitcoin is an alternative financial system to the banks and if adopted as such world-wide it would soar to millions of dollars per coin, so this risk/reward has me excited and I treat it like a long-term lottery ticket.

Bitcoin (8 years)

Lottery tickets are fun but holding Bitcoin long-term can be difficult.

Tezos (3 months)

Tezos regularly rewards all its stakers (you can stake/delegate without having to run a computer).

If you want to find out more about how to get started, visit: https://moneyevery3days.com

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